Best dream City is New York

Dream City is New York

People want to live in their dream city because they like the city activities.  the best dream city is New York  in  the world for most people

New York city is a city of dream

best dream city is new york

If you want to make your dreams come true then New York is the right place where there is no dearth of opportunities for you. That’s why New York is called the city of dreams. New York City has the very  biggest names in tech, in marketing,  in journalism and sports. If your network is good then no one can stop you from being successful here. There are offices of thousands of companies where lakhs of people work. There is no shortage of jobs here. If you are a bussiness then you can earn billions doller .  With a population of 8.4 million, competition is very hard. Securing a job and keeping it will require hard work than it does in smaller cities, that  is why New Yorkers are often considered workaholics . But at the end of the day, one thing is certain. if you are keen  enough to move to New York City then chances are good  you will find a way to make it work,

Art and culture In New york city

art and culture

New York City is described as the cultural capital of the whole world. Near about 800 languages are spoken in New York city, thats make it the most linguistically diverse city in the world. The city became the place of modern dance and stand-up comedy in the early twenty century. My favorite thing about living in New York City.there is a 83 museums, including the fifth largest museum in the world, The Metropolitan Museum of Art .New York City is also a place to one of the most wonderfull libraries in the world, the New York Public Library, which is also the 3rd largest library in the world.One more thing makes it special that is New York’s film industry. It is smaller than that of Hollywood, but its billions of dollars in revenue that makes it an important part of the city’s economy and places it as the second largest hub for the film industry in the United State of America.The main point is, you’ll be hard work to find a more culturally exciting city than New York. the best dream city is New York  in  the world

New  York City is  the safest city in America

The New york City is  With 8.4 million residents, NYC is the most populous city in America .However, according to its size, New York City is  one of the top 5 safest large cities in America.the best dream city is New York  in  the world.

Delicious food  in  New York

the best NYC food is as iconic as the city skyline.cheese pizza and Hot dogs  . blue-plate specials and Deli sandwiches . Italian and Jewish eats, so authentic that you  did think you were on the edge of the Mediterranean. Check out the best food in New York City (including legendary dishes given a modern spin).the best dream city is New York  in  the world

other food you must try—

1.New York pastrami sandwich at Empire Diner

2.Wu-Tang Clam pizza at Milkflower

3.Everything Dog at Crif Dog

4.Hot Honey Yardbird at Red Rooster

5.Mofongo at Malecon

6.Cacio e tartufo at L’Artista

7.Matzo ball ramen at Shalom Japan

8.Babka at Bread’s Bakery

 9. Park  in New York  City

New York may be best known as a concrete jungle , but the city is also home to hundreds of square miles of green space, as well.There is approximately 1,700 parks scattered across New York City  so  we can say that the best dream city is New York  in  the world 

Park is the only place where people relax after work. Where your heart becomes blissful. We are telling here the names of some such parks.

1.    Washington Square Park

2.     Bryant Park

3.    Riverside Park

4.     Central Park

5.     The High Line

6.    Inwood Hill Park

7.    Tompkins Square Park

8.    Prospect Park

9.     Brooklyn Bridge Park

10.   McCarren Park

11.  Fort Greene Park

12.  The Hills at Governors Island

13.  Hudson River Park

14.  Little Island

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