Quantum computer

 Quantum computer


quantum computer
Let us now know about the common computer, this computer break  the message in zero and 1 binary

   If you send a video, it breaks them into zero and 1 and sends it to the other side, later another computer reconstructs it back and receives that video but quantum computer can send any message as both zero and 1

Let’s try to understand it with an example like you are lost in some maze and you ask the computer to find the way to the left side and see its possibility then after that you find the probability of finding the path from that computer to the right side They say. But a quantum computer can explore possibilities from both the right and left sides simultaneously. Quantum computer can work on multiple possibilities simultaneously

Quantom Physics Concept

To understand quantum physics, we can give an example when a coin is tossed, there is a 50% probability of getting a head tail but if the coin is considered a quantum, then there is an uncertainty in the head or tail when the coin is tossed. Such a superposition is called because there is more than one possibility while the coin is spinning. This technique works like a separate principle of physics


Quantum computers can effectively change our lives in the future. The importance of this can be understood from the fact that last year the Government of India has kept a budget of 8000 crores for the development of quantum computers. Countries other than India are spending for this future technology. The US government enacted the National Quantum Initiative Act in 2018 and made a provision of $ 1 billion 200 million for it. The Communist Government of China included it in the important industries in the 13th Five Year Plan in 2016.
Canada allowed an investment of  50 million Canadian dollars for investment in technology. Japan Germany Korea also announced investment in this technology, let’s know what is quantum, it started in the twentieth century when Albert Einstein gave the theory of relativity. Till now physics was based on classical theory which was related to the explanation of events happening in reality.

Quantum computer in medical sector

Quantum computer can also do wonders in the medical field, it can be helpful in discovering new drugs, tests can also be done with a common computer but it can take many years to do but quantum computer can do it in a few hours. . Quantum computers could revolutionize medicine
Quantum computer is millions of times faster than a common computer, the race to make the smallest quantum computer has become very fast. In a quantum computer, the information is not stored in bits but in qubits. The quantum computers that exist now are very big and make a lot of noise. It can perform multiple calculations simultaneously. Quantum computers with 300 qubits can do calculations in an instant, faster than particles in the entire universe.

Uses of Quantum Computer

Some scientists say that we can understand the climate better with quantum computers and some scientists say that it will help in the discovery of new particles.


Cyber ​​security experts have expressed some apprehensions, they have said that at the present time it can also break the crypto chain security. Right now this computer is only for the security of labs or big companies,
This computer is found in the hands of criminals, then it can harm the security of the people from the government and it can hack the data from bijili to power plant. Although this seems far from reality as quantum computers have not yet reached this stage. if this computer is in the hands of common people then it can be quite fatal.

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