Retirement of Lionel Messi

Legendary footballer Argentina superstar Lionel Messi has made such an announcement that his fans may be disappointed, Messi has said that the FIFA World Cup to be held in Qatar will be the last World Cup of his life, this global tournament is to start from 20 November 2022 Messi Will go to play his fifth World Cup, although he has not been able to get his team this shining world title once.
The 35-year-old Messi has not been successful even once in the World Cup, he has represented Argentina in the FIFA World Cup 4 times before, he has been very successful at the club level and has won many titles but winning the World Cup is his Sapna is made, Messi said in an interview to the star that he will play in the World Cup for the last time.

Achievements of Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi is a famous footballer of Argentina as well as the captain of the team. Messi is one of the best players of today. Messi plays for the Argentina national team and FC Barcelona. He recently won five Golden Shoes and one Set a new record, making him the most European player to win the European Golden Shoe, as well as winning the FIFA World Player of the Year award 4 times. He made and broke many records of his life.
Lionel Messi said in the interview that there is some anxiety and restlessness but this will be my last World Cup. This is the first time that this PSC star has spoken openly about his World Cup future. Messi has so far held the World Cup in 2006, 2010, 2014 and 2018. Argentina had traveled to the final in the year 2014, although the team was one step away from winning the title when Germany won the World Cup.
Messi did not make it clear whether he will continue to play for the Argentina national team or not. Argentina will start its campaign in the FIFA World Cup 2022 with a match against Saudi Arabia in Group C on November 22, after which they will face Mexico and Poland. Said, I do not know whether we are among the contenders to win the title in the World Cup or not, but if we look at the history of Argentina, then we are definitely among the contenders, tell that Argentina has won the World Cup in 1978 and 1986.

Personal life

Lionel Messi was born in a working class family in Rosario Argentina, his father Jorge Messi was a factory worker and worked part time as a cleaner taken from his mother, he has a girlfriend Antonella Raccuzzo with whom he had a relationship with him for many years. There were also two children, one of which is Thiago, it was born on November 2, 2012 and the other is Metio, it was born on September 11, 2015 Messi married his girlfriend Antonello Auro, after having a relationship for many years, last year i.e. 2017 the birth of both their children were born before marriage.

Lionel Messi is the highest-paid athlete

Lionel Messi is the highest paid athlete on the planet According to Forbes he took home $130 million between May 2021 and May 2022 According to Forbes Messi earned an astonishing $75 million in on-field earnings over the previous year on the planet But more than any other player. His Paris sent German salary alone is $35 million annually which means he earns $105000 per day.Lionel Messi is a famous footballer of Argentina as well as the captain of the team. Messi is one of the best players of today


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